Natural Stone - Stone Polishing, Honing and Sealing

Natural Stone - Stone Polishing, Honing and Sealing

At StoneAge Restoration Services, Inc. we provide refinishing services for all types of natural stone.  A polished or honed look can be achieved through our refinishing process to most stone surfaces.  We provide services on interior and exterior stone surfaces.  We have proudly serviced over 15,000 customers and we are are ready to provide you with excellent service and results!



A polished finished stone is smooth to the touch and has a high gloss (shiny) finish.  During the polishing process all of the natural pores in the stone are closed while producing a smooth glass like finish on the stone.  This is achieved by a polishing process rather than a topical gloss sealer.  The stone is sealed with a penetrating sealer after the polishing process.


A honed finished stone has a matte or satin finish and has more of a course (textured) surface. During the honing process, the natural pores in the stone are opened, thus giving the stone more of a porous, rough and textured surface, with a lower shine.  The stone is sealed with a porous-plus penetrating sealer after the honing process.


"We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created began Jeffersons famous words from The Declaration of Independence of 1776."  That may be the case with all men but is definitely not the case with stone and concrete sealers.  Sealers ARE NOT created equal.  There are penetrating sealers, water based sealers, solvent based sealers, acrylic based sealers, polyurethanes, epoxies, gloss, satin, matte sealers, non-slip sealers, and topical sealers......I think you get the picture.  At StoneAge, we only use the highest quality sealing products.  We work directly with our manufacturers in developing custom sealers for both commercial and residential projects.  The type of sealer for your particular situation will vary depending on the type of surface and enviromental factors. Our staff members have years of experience and training in choosing the best sealer to meet your needs.  Sealing your interior stone floors, stone showers, or stone counters will help prevent staining and etching from spills and accidents.  Sealing your exterior stone and concrete will help protect your investment and pro-long the life of your stone and concrete.
Stone - Polishing, Honing and Sealing


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