Premier Service Provider

StoneAge Restoration is Southern California’s premier stone and concrete restoration service provider.  We cater to the public to provide superior treatment and maintenance specific to the needs of our clients.  Our services include stone and concrete restoration and refinishing, tile and grout cleaning, and epoxy coatings.  We continuously strive to provide exceptional service to both commercial and residential customers.  We specialize in concrete polishing, concrete staining, and all types of stone restoration and refinishing.

Why We Are The Best In Our Industry

Our promptness and immediate attention given to all service appointments, estimates, and follow up meetings.  Having personal owner involvement in every job from start to finish. We are continuously researching new services and procedures to meet our client’s ever changing demands.  At StoneAge, we find ways to create a personalized maintenance schedule based on our client’s specific needs. WE ARE GOOD LISTENERS.  Listening To Our Customers:  Although our employees are very knowledgeable and are more than happy to discuss your project with you we have built our company on customer needs and requirements. We are just as good of listeners as we our speakers when it comes to our service.  We enjoy listening to the customers needs and requirements and adapt and customize our service to meet those needs.  This is extremely important in commercial and residential jobs and maintenance programs. TRUST, CONSISTENCY, AND LOYALTY.  At StoneAge Restoration Services, Inc. we take pride in our work and strive to give the customer the best possible experience from the moment you make your phone call to us to the final detail of touch up work on your particular job. We also believe that once the job is complete, our relationship with our clients is just beginning. We are here to answer any questions regarding follow up maintenance, stone recommendations, or follow up cleaning products. Our mission and end result is to make your stone and concrete look fantastic so that you can enjoy your investment like you envisioned when it was first installed.  At StoneAge Restoration, we realize that customer loyalty is the key to our success and that customers will be loyal to our company as long as we are loyal to our customers.  This is our number one goal.


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Service Areas:
Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Riverside County. Ventura, San Bernardino